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PACKING with style

Italy is the place to be! Click the button below to explore suggestions for what to wear when visiting this beautiful country. Key word is "suggestions" this is just a fun guideline.


We want you to be comfortable and have fun celebrating with us!


1. STURDY SHOES ARE A MUST - Italy is made up of all cobblestone streets, uneven pavement, potholes, and narrow sidewalks, not to mention dodging cars and scooters. If you can, find a great balance between comfort and style.

*IMPORTANT for the Ladies* - Please pack a pair of flats or walking shoes to walk to the  transportation pickup locations for wedding events. It will be difficult to walk on cobblestone roads in heels.  

2. DRESS THE PART - Appearances matter in fashion-conscious Italy. That said, you’ll have to dress comfortably for sightseeing because you’ll be walking a lot. Practical shoes are a must as cobblestoned streets play havoc with heels and ankles. For the evening, smart casual is the way to go.

3. TIPPING - Italians are not big tippers. Service is generally added to restaurant bills, but if it’s not, a euro or two is fine in trattorias and pizzerias, up to 10% in smart restaurants. Also, expect to pay for pane e coperto (a bread and cover charge) – this is standard and is added even if you don’t ask for or eat the bread.

4. BREAD - If you do ask for bread, the bread in Florence is NOT salted. We thought this was a joke, but then decided to roll with the culture. You should ask for salted bread, the unsalted is a cruel joke. 

5. WATER - In the big cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice, you will always find water fountains around the main squares. Bring empty reusable bottles with you and fill them up with fresh drinking water.

6. RESTROOM COINS - Be sure to keep coins on you at all times, it is difficult to find public restrooms in Italy, however when you do you might have to pay a small fee to use the restroom.


7. DONT BUG ME! - Just like any hot climates in the summer months, bugs can become pests. In particular mosquitoes are a nuisance. They can be out even during the light hours. Only Italy's high mountain areas remain mosquito free. It is safe to travel with your favorite bug repellent.

8. TAXIS - There is no Uber or Lyft in Florence. The best way to get a taxi is to call one of these below phone numbers or hail a taxi on the side of the road. 

0039 0554242 or 0039 0554390

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